Took Edalow

Took Edalow Staff Photo

Took is a flippant and anarchistic fae creature from the land of Brooklyn. They are a comedic and musical performance artist/activist…because that’s totally not a “head up their own arse” way to describe oneself. They perform as a Barbra Streisand Burlesque character named Barbra Bitch who wears Star of David pasties. They have performed this character and other acts at The Red Room, Under St Marks Theatre, The Kraine Theatre, Q.E.D, Sidewalk Cafe and more. She is a regular performer at monthly show Circus of Dreams at Bizarre Bar.

Took’s life skills from hitchhiking, sleeping in parks and living on a hippie commune. They are working on characters with messiah complexes based on these experiences. They can be found on instagram and twitter at @2kedalow


Thu 9/7 (7pm-10pm), Educated Guess @ Rough Trade
Fri 9/8 (8pm-9pm), Polyglamorous @ Two Boots Pizza
Sat 9/9 (2:30pm-4:30pm) The Brunch! @ Bar Matchless