Rebecca Rush

Rebecca Rush Staff Photo

Festival Coordinator

Rebecca Rush is a stand up comic and freelance writer from the Connecticut Shoreline. She got married right out of college, and spent her early 20’s as a trophy wife in South Beach. There she slowly got into the blogging scene, wrote something people thought was funny, found twitter, found divorce, and a few years later found stand up. She began running shows under the name Sporadicomedy at various venues in New London, CT in 2013. She moved to NYC in 2015. She cofounded Cinder Block Comedy Festival the same year. She currently produces shows in Bushwick, New London, Ct, and the Hartford Funnybone, where she became a regular in 2016. She also regularly performs at the Chicago Laugh Factory.

She was interviewed on television once, in 2007. She was asked what she was doing at the Miami International Boat Show. “I’m just here with him,” she responded.

She has a bit more to say now. Her comedy is focused on sharing where she is at now in her personal evolution — authenticity over all.