Momoh Pujeh


Momoh Pujeh was born in New Jersey and raised in Philadelphia. His favorite color is purple, and you can see him all over New York performing on bar shows that may or may not deserve mention within his bio. Or, hosting THE BEST DAMN OPEN MIC IN NEW YORK every Sunday @ Legion Bar.


Thur 9/15 (8:30pm-10pm) Laff Tracks Comedy Showcase @ Experiment Comedy Gallery 
Thur 9/15 (10:15pm-11:30) The Block Party @ Experiment Comedy Gallery
Fri 9/16 (11:45pm-12:45pm) The Naked Show @ Experiment Comedy Gallery
Sat 9/17 (7:30pm-8pm) Bayside Myself @ Muchmore’s
Sat 9/17 (MID-1:30am) Cinder Block Joke Off @ Over The Eight
Sun 9/18 (10pm-11:30pm) The Storrs Objection @ Over The Eight