Maurice Licorish

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Maurice Licorish is a stand up comedian and writer from Baltimore, MD who now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Developing his style in Washington DC, Maurice specializes in high energy, absurdist storytelling, producing two monthly shows in Brooklyn called Park Dope at Halyards and Assorted Nuts at The Sampler.
His lyrical sensibility has lead him to regularly perform at Q.E.D. and Creek and the Cave, and has performed in the Cinder Block Comedy Festival and the Funniest College Competition where he won 3rd place.
Maurice is a kinetic ball of energy and brings his worldview to shows all around New York.


Fri 9/8 (7:30pm-9pm), The Breakup Show @ Muchmore’s
Fri 9/8 (9pm-10:15pm), Park Dope @ Bar Matchless
Sat 9/9 (7pm-8:30pm), Comedy Potluck @ Artichoke Pizza