Maddy Smith

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Maddy Smith is a NYC-based stand up comedian who has appeared at the Hoboken Festival, Rochester Fringe Festival, and was a finalist in the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival. Her act is a mix of material and crowd work – she loves, more than anything, to make a show feel like a party.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Maddy has material with an overtone of playful self-deprecation that people have reviewed as “too real” and “relatable”!


Thur 9/7 (7pm-10pm), Educated Guess @ Rough Trade
Fri 9/8 (7:45pm-8:45pm), Tight Five 1 @ Quimby’s Bookstore
Sat 9/9 (8:45pm-10:15pm), The Storrs Objection @ Pine Box Rock Shop
Sat 9/9 (10:30pm-Mid), Rock ‘N’ Roast @ Pine Box Rock Shop
Sun 9/10 (7:30pm-9pm), United State of Stand UpSoft Spot