Irene Merrow

Irene Merrow

What makes Irene Fagan Merrow truly unique is that she’s a stand up comedian and writer living in Brooklyn. Take a second to let that sink in. Wow.

Irene’s written work has been featured on Reductress, Above Average, Paste Magazine, Elite Daily, and more. She graduated from Emerson College (Summa Cum Laude, BITCH) with a degree in Writing for Film in Television. One of her original teleplays won “Best Comedy Pilot” at The Broad Humor Film Festival. Irene’s favorite part of writing is staring at the wall and screaming.

Irene can be seen performing stand up all over Brooklyn and New York, and occasionally in other cities. You just never know with her! Her comedic style mixes deadpan sarcasm with hyperbolized narcissism. Her character is meant to represent a socially “informed” Brooklynite who is so self aware that she is blind to her own ignorance. Does that even make sense? Can’t be sure. Also, now that the world is crumbling, Irene isn’t afraid to get POLITICAL.

This bio took her nine days and five nightmares to write.


Thur 9/7 (7pm-10pm), Educated Guess @ Rough Trade
Fri 9/8 (9:30pm-11pm), Comedian’s Power Hour @ Artichoke Pizza
Sat 9/9 (7pm-8:30pm), Adventures In Comedy @ Pine Box Rock Shop
Sat 9/9 (9:30pm-11pm), The Secret Handshake @ R Bar
Sun 9/10 (8:30pm-10pm), Relationshit @ Pine Box Rock Shop