Individual Submissions

General submissions are now open through April 8th. When using a credit or debit card through PayPal they may charge a small processing fee.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are submitting a stage show, even if it is just one person, please apply using the Group/Show link.

You will receive an email with payment instructions. Please check your spam folder if this email does not arrive in your inbox. If you don’t get an email from us within 5 minutes, please email for assistance.

Contact Information

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Please provide a link to your video up to 5 minutes in length on one of our supported sites (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo). If your video is more than 5 minutes, that's okay, just keep in mind that we will only be watching the first 5 minutes from whenever you start your video. (Youtube has an option to send a link at any point of your video. Who needs to see you shake the host's hand, put down your drink... you get the picture!) You will NOT be uploading your video directly through this application. Please make sure your video is not set to private! If your video is set to private, we can’t see it, we can’t make a decision, and we won’t contact you to tell you that either, nor will we refund your submission fee. Audio and video quality are crucial!



 Thurs, Sept 7th Friday, Sept 8th Saturday, Sept 9th Sunday, Sept 10th

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As a thank you everyone who submits as an individual performer or group gets 1 free sketch submissions at this link. Additional videos are $10 per submission and can be submitted through the regular Sketch submission portal.