Q: I’m a white male. Can I still be in the festival?
A: Yes! Some of our favorite comics are white males. Cinder Block isn’t about excluding white guys. We’re about including a varietal rainbow of background and experiences, so as to cultivate a more exciting comedy experience for the audience.

Q: You claim to be committed to diversity. Does this mean that your first priority is not comedy? A comedy festival should only be worried about who is funny, and the diversity will sort itself out.
A: That, like communism, is great in theory. It’s also kinda racist, because you’re implying we can’t simultaneously commit to comedy and inclusion. Of course, comedy is our priority. And we happen to know that in addition to the multitudes of hilarious straight white dudes out there, there are also so many hilarious “minority” comics that you may not have had the opportunity to see yet.

Q: Where are these shows gonna be? Your website just says “Williamsburg.” Tell me your secrets!
A: We are still crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s with our venue agreements, and all of that information will be on our website shortly. We are very excited to announce every partnership once the lineups are hammered out.(June/July) I will tell you a little secret…We will have an all ages venue as well as several handicap accessible shows!

Q: Coree, why are you, an unknown comic from New York, charging your fellow comedians money to participate in this festival? Is this some kind of get-rich-quick scheme?
A: Yes. I am going to take all the thousands of dollars I get from the hundreds of submissions we get and run away to Belize, to start a comedy festival there. Then, I plan to just keep traveling around the globe, starting inclusive and diverse comedy festivals in every city in every nation, until eventually I am the Queen of the World!

… Just kidding. The money we make from submission fees and what we raise through other sponsorships covers the cost of venues, printing costs, website hosting, etc. Also, unknown comic? Ouch.

Q: Okay, but what are you going to do if there’s a surplus?
A: End world hunger. Starting by paying our comedians and producers so they can finally afford to eat.

Q: Sure, fine. But what about the people who paid $20 who don’t get accepted to the festival? Will they be refunded.
A: No. If you submit but aren’t accepted to the festival, we assume you’ll still continue to believe in our mission and consider your non-refundable submission fee a donation to our campaign for equality in the entertainment industry. Also, anyone who is not accepted will get a free weekend pass so you can still take part in the fun, regardless.

Q: Is anyone making money off the festival?
A: No. The festival itself is run on a volunteer basis. As previously mentioned, we hope to be able to pay our performers and producers for their individual spots/shows.

Q: What are some other open submission comedy festivals I can apply to?
A: Here’s a list, we even added the submission fees for your convenience:

10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival $20
Arch City Comedy Festival $25-$40
Big Pine Comedy Festival $15-$35
Big-Little Comedy Festival $10-$35
Bird City Comedy Festival $15
Black Box Comedy Festival $10-$30
Boston Comedy Festival $25
Brickell Comedy Festival $10-$15
Bridgetown Comedy Festival $20-$25
Brooklyn Comedy Festival $10-$15
Burbank Comedy Festival $50
Cape Fear Comedy Festival $25
Charleston Comedy Festival $20
Charm City Comedy Festival $15-$20
Cleveland Comedy Festival $25-$35
Comedy Exposition $20-$25
Dallas Comedy Festival $35
Eagle Rock Comedy Festival $10
Green Gravel Comedy Festival $25
Hell Yes Comedy Festival $15-$20
Hoboken Comedy Festival $30
Joshua Tree Improv/Comedy Festival $15-$25
Kansas City Fringe Festival $50-$600
Key West Comedy Festival $20
Laugh Your Asheville Off $35-$45
Laughing Skull Comedy Festival $35-$50
Limestone Comedy Festival $25-$40
Los Angeles Comedy Festival $60
Maine Comedy Festival $30
Memphis Comedy Festival $15
Milwaukee Comedy Festival $25-$30
New Orleans Comedy and Arts Festival $50
New York International Fringe Festival $30
North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival $20-$35
Orlando Indie Comedy Festival $20
Out of Bounds Comedy Festival $20-$30
Philly SketchFest $20
Redwood Comedy Festival $25
San Diego Comedy Festival $10-$45
San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival $40-$55
Scripted Comedy Festival $30
Scruffy City Comedy Festival $20
SF Sketchfest $20-$30
Snubfest $20
SXSW Comedy $33-$45
Ventura Comedy Festival $25
Westside Showdown Standup Competition $20-$30
Women in Comedy Festival $25-$45