We Still Like You


Do you have a story that makes you feel weird? A story that keeps you up at night, filling you with shame? We Still Like You gets it!

We Still Like You is a show all about sharing the things from our past that make us feel ashamed with an audience of loving strangers. The show’s performers confess their most shameful stories and at the end of the tale, their vulnerability is rewarded by the audience with a hearty cheer of “”WE STILL LIKE YOU!””

We Still Like You strives to create a diverse and hilarious show that thrives off of empathy. Shame is universal. Whether it’s shame from an adolescent misadventure or a past relationship, our audience accepts and forgives. We Still Like You is all about showing love for strangers and realizing that we all have more in common than we think.

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Shannon Noll (host)
Tyler Snodgrass (host)
Rhonda Hansome
Raj Sivaraman
Patrick Holbert
Marlon Jean-Baptiste
Amanda McQueen
Nina Manni
Dan Sheehan
Danii Gallegos
J. Michael Osborne
Jesse Betend

*All lineups subject to change

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Saturday, Sep 9