The Storrs Objection

Comedian Matt Storrs (Sonoma LaughFest and Bird City Comedy Festival) brings his legal background to the stage, especially when fact-checking and cross-examining other comedians’ material after their sets. “The Storrs Objection” gives Matt the opportunity to fact-check other comedians’ material DURING their sets.
This monthly show is normally takes place at its home venue, The Herberger Theater Center. This month, Matt and co-counsel Hattie Hayes bring the Objection to Pine Box Rock Shop for the Cinder Block Comedy Festival.

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Matt Storrs (host)
Hattie Hayes (host)
Maddy Smith
Brian Mitchell
Cameran Hebb
Cassandra Dee
Christopher Crespo
The Unconventional Lesbians
Derrick Lemos
Emmett Montgomery
Raghav Mehta

*All lineups subject to change

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Pine Box Rock Shop
Saturday, Sep 9