The Decepticomics

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The Decepticomics Comedy Group

“The group, built their following from the sharp-witted world of Black Twitter, a digital community known for dragging racially insensitive brands and media outlets to their demise, bringing underreported social injustices to national spotlight …. Above it all, The Decepticomics cultivated a strong following while simultaneously avoiding the stereotypes of black male comedians. While this distinction is a feat of its own, it’s also important to note that this group is no band of vine sensations, here today and gone at the drop of a hashtag. Each of The Decepticomics holds his own and will join forces again this spring…Whether you want to be on the stage at their show, or in the audience, the Decepticomics are certainly not a group you want to miss.” – Cosign Magazine

DECEPTICOMICS is a traveling comedy troupe providing a unique and modern comedy experience; appealing to the socially conscience comedy audience.

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Gordon Baker-Bone (host)
Mike Brown
John Minus
Cerrome Russell
Dillon Stevenson
Rae Sanni


*All lineups subject to change

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