Nervosa! (A Workshop)

Nervosa_ The Musical!

Nervosa: The Musical! is a full-length puppet show musical conceived of by Rachel Kaly, Sophie Zucker, and Maya Sharma. The play follows Anne (Sophie Zucker), a bulimic ingenue who moves to Nervosa, a safe haven for those who hate their bodies. She moves in with Clarissa (Rachel Kaly), a destructive 14-year-old whose sexual awakening was catalyzed by a school screening of Aladdin. Anne wants to have it all: love, friendship, and a tight ass–but is Nervosa the right fit for her? Or is she too fat?

Nervosa explores mental health, queerness, and duvets. Kaly, Zucker, and Sharma are alums of the Annoyance theater, which has produced comics such as Aidy Bryant, Jill Soloway, and Stephen Colbert. The show will leave you saying ‘what da heck?!!!’

Written by Sophie Zucker, Rachel Kaly, and Maya Sharma
Music and Lyrics by Sophie Zucker
Directed by Pat Dooley

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Sophie Zucker
Rachel Kaly
Maya Sharma
Pat Dooley

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