The Magic Hat Presented by Emmett Montgomery and His Friends

Magic Hat

Q: What is the Magic Hat

A: Five brilliant humans(?) are invited to share. These humans range from talented newcomers showcasing their best in a ten minute spot to veteran performers stretching their legs with something wonderful. Performers include storytellers, stand up comics, sketch performers, characters and more. There are also five 5 minute lottery spots that are drawn through out the show.

Q: Is it an open mic?

A: Not at all. It is a friendship machine that will make the world a better place. The lottery spots are there to create unexpected wonderfulness. Hopefully people will put their names in the hat because they have something special to share.

$5! Buy tickets here! 


Emmett Montgomery (host)
Jenn Welch
Katie Boyle
Jeffrey Joseph
Sarah Sherman

*All lineups subject to change

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Sunday, Sep 10