Educated Guess

Educated Guess

Festival kickoff show! What do you get when you mix comedy and science projects? Educated Guess! See over 40 projects created by our performers along with an insane comedy lineup and ending with a music dance party with Fantasy Grandma, My Dark Little Corner and DJ Will Winner!

$15! Buy tickets here!


Stand up by:

Jo Firestone (Host)
Steven DeSiena (Host)
Kara Buller
Khalid Rahmaan
Nikki Carr
Judy Gold

After Party with:

Fantasy Grandma
My Dark Little Corner
DJ Will Winner

Science Projects by:

Alex Fleming
Cameran Hebb
Carolyn Castiglia
Catherine Zini
Cathy Humes
Christina Catherine Martinez
Danielle Thralow
Drew Anderson
Emily Winter
Emmett Montgomery
Erin Lynn O’Connor
Irene Merrow
James Huessy
Jenn Welch
Jeremy Kaplowitz
Jo Firestone
John Minus
Kat Herskovic
Katie Barbaro
Kimberly Stewart
Kristee Ono
Lauren Faber
Lynn Bixenspan
Maddy Smith
Mark James Heath
Matt Storrs & Hattie Hayes
Mark Pagán
Mimi Vilmenay
Molly Kornfeld
Nicki Wright
Rachel Kaly
Raj Sivaraman
Rosa Escandón
Sarah Kennedy
Shelly Colman
Sonya Vai
Steven DeSiena
Took Edalow
Yogi Paliwal


*All lineups subject to change

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