Arish Singh

Arish Singh

The comedy of Arish Singh, with its unique fusion of absurdist humor and political commentary, has been praised by many, and described by many others as, “definitely not my thing.”

Singh has opened for national acts like Tim Heidecker (Tim & Eric), Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show), and W. Kamau Bell (Totally Biased), and has performed on stand-up showcases like Hot Tub with Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal, Andy Kindler’s Particular Show, and Chicago’s Comedians You Should Know.

Singh has been featured in the Chicago Comedy Exposition, Crom Comedy Festival, Minneapolis’s 10,000 Laughs, and the Indie Orlando Comedy Festival. Singh appears in the 2016 Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Election Special, not as comedian but as a protester kicked out of a rally in his home state of Iowa. Though the protest had nothing to do with comedy, after it became national news, Singh responded by putting on a series of fundraiser shows to raise money for anti-hate crime organizations and to raise awareness of the rightwing campaign of Islamophobia has affected Sikhs, Muslims, and brown folks at large.

Singh co-produces SolidHilarity, a comedy show that raises money for activists and labor unions, and is a writer for the live Chicago talk show Good Evening with Pat Whalen.


Fri 9/8 (7:30pm-8:45pm), Dunces and Dragons @ Pine Box Rock Shop
Fri 9/8 (10pm-11:15pm), Eat Your Beats @ The Gutter
Sat 9/9 (7pm-8:30pm), Adventures In Comedy @ Pine Box Rock Shop
Sat 9/9 (10pm-midnight), Cheap Date Comedy @ Hell Phone
Sun 9/10 (7:30pm-9pm), Icons Of Comedy @ Twenty-Sided Store